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GREEN-LOG is a Horizon Europe and Innovate UK-funded project developing Logistics-as-a service platforms for interconnected city logistics, automated delivery concepts using vehicles and delivery droids, cargo-bike-based innovations for sustainable micro-consolidation, and multimodal parcel deliveries integrating public transportation.

The approach is deployed and validated in five Urban Living Labs: Athens, Barcelona, Flanders (Gent, Leuven and Mechelen), Oxfordshire and Ispra. Three follower cities – Arad, Helsinborg, and Valga – will be involved in testing the transferability of the proposed innovations.

Living lab

In Oxfordshire, FEED Oxford has partnered with Pedal&Post, Oxfordshire County Council and the University of Wolverhampton, to trial innovative delivery and consolidation centre concepts.

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FEED Delivery Hub

FEED's focus is on creating e-cargo bike delivery hubs that will lower the cost of delivery, be zero carbon in the last mile and increase flexibility to residents.


We will trial different business models, and partner with academics to evaluate the benefits of each to the business, customers and the environment.


Discover more

For more information, including deliverables, blogs and updates, head to the project website:

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