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The idea behind The Oxford Project is a simple yet transforming one: We wanted to enable cafes, restaurants or retail spaces to work as co-working spaces.

At the same time, their professional kitchens can be used by food startups and market traders as cloud kitchens, to enable them to grow. 

We started working with cafes and retail shops and, through funding from Innovate UK, we have launched our first Oxford Project @ Cafe Kraken, in Eastern Oxford.

We are also looking to enlist other types of professional spaces, such as recording and artist studios, making it easy for everyone to be creative.


Finally, at the Rooms& Travel page you can find information about hotels, AirBnBs and how to plan your journey, including parking and EV charging. Welcome to your project in Oxford!


We are passionate about entrepreneurship and new technologies, constantly pushing the boundaries through our partners and projects

Electric Vehicles
FEED (Food & Essentials E-Delivery) is using EVs and collaborates with e-cargo bikes for its operations in Oxford
Drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)
During the first lockdown, in Summer 2020, FEED trialled food and essentials delivery by drones for social distancing. The project was off to a flying start.
Connected Autonomous Vehicles
FEED is looking to perform the UK's first trials of delivery of hot food by Autonomous Vehicle by April 2021. Stay tuned!
Vertical Farming
We have partnered with WeGrow to trial the first vertical farming in Oxford. Non-GMO plants grow under optimal lighting and watering conditions under atmospheric controls.
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