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About Us

We are an Oxford-based innovation-driven company, specialised in the food & drink sector. Our vision is to help transform the end-to-end process of local food production, supply and delivery. Our solutions are scalable, close-to-market and practical.


The initial idea behind The Oxford Project is a simple yet transforming one: We wanted to enable cafes, restaurants or retail spaces to work as co-working spaces. At the same time, their professional kitchens can be used by food startups and market traders as cloud kitchens, to enable them to grow. 

Furthermore, we wanted to enable anyone to start and grow their business in Oxford: thus, we collected all spaces that are available from day to long-term hire.


Finally, at the Rooms& Travel page you can find information about hotels, AirBnBs and how to plan your journey, including parking and EV charging.


Welcome to your project in Oxford!.

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